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Since 2008, our designers had practiced designing in Egypt, and many other countries like
Albania, Nigeria, KSA, UAE, Kuwait & Libya, since the elegant & magnificent productions require a high level of experience & expert skills in the field of interior design, decor & furniture.

GSC is distinguished of having the professional architects & experts to supervise accomplishing
a masterpiece in your home.

Evolution of Trust

16 Years Of Undefeated Success

16 years of successes and major projects, in addition to cooperation with major companies and Organizations

Years of experience

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Urban planning

It is one of the most important services that we provide and we have great experience.

Interior Design

We do not just provide a design, we turn your dreams into a reality full of surprises.

Finishing Services

Don't go through the hassle of finishing your home. We Design .. We Deliver !

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Interior Design

Urban Planning


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Important information

Gold stone for Construction & Development (G.S.C)

is a shareholding company and a pioneer in all the fields of urban & architectural design in addition to finishing & decor such as:

Architectural designs

– Interior designs (Apartments, villas, administrative head offices, companies & restaurants).
-Smart home systems (design & implementation).
– Urban planning (City planning, districts, compounds and tourist villages).

– Landscape designs.
– Electromechanics designs.


– Supervising & executing constructions.

Interior Design

GSC is an expert in manifesting the architectural beauty by presenting the most
fascinating modern interior designs that grant the residential units & companies’ special elegance

Smart Home

Smart home contains advanced control devices, which are touchscreens.
They can be either fixed in the wall or protable like mobile touchscreens such as the iPad an iPhone, in addition to programmed control buttons that can control and monitor all electrical and electronic devices.

Urban Planning
GSC is specialized in urban planning & design such as:

Planning & designing of cities, districts, compounds, resorts & tourist villages. Planning of gradens, tracks, parks, pools & green landscape.
Supervising the urban planning projects till getting license of executing these projects. Land division works.


Beside urban planning services, decor & interior design, GSC is designing & executing the integrated constructional projects. A whole resident crew of architects is provided for each project.


More than 16 years of experience in interior design, constructions, Smart Home system & Urban design.

Both local and international knowledge through working with multinational organi- zations and in partnership with international consultancy companies.

A Solid academic background substan- tiated by Masters am PhD
degrees in interior design, construction, Smart home systems & urban design.

Strict and foremost adherence to on time and promote delivery of top quality services, Proven track record of success.